Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tonight is our last night with Chandra's M litter, her 5th and final litter for CCI. I love these puppies and it is going to be hard to say bye, but I know that they are ready for their puppy raisers. It's been a fun 7 weeks (Peggy had them for their first week while I was out of town), they have grown so much. We just played for over an hour on the the tennis court, they love it!! I will for sure be playing with them out there before our trip to Santa Rosa. Their turn in time is 1:30 pm tomorrow. I'll update again tomorrow with pictures from the puppy park!

The puppies are sleeping next to me in a x-pen, I think they got the snoring trait from their daddy ;)

P.S- Chandra went with me to my sisters Sorority Superbowl tournament this weekend at Sac State, she is was by far the best behaved dog. People could not believe how calm she was and that she would just sleep during all the screaming and people. She could care less, she was just happy to be hanging out with me in the sun. Their were so many little dogs there and a few big dogs. Chandra was the star and Sigma Kappa's mascot :)

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