Sunday, March 1, 2009

Random thoughts

2 weeks until the puppies turn in to are some random thoughts...

* It is amazing how early the puppies individual personalities come out.
* Don't leave the trash can with litter in it outside in the rain, it will be very heavy!
* Puppies are cute..puppy smell, not so much
* Crate training puppies takes patience and ear plugs or an ipod ;)
* Puppies are happy to see you every time you walk into the puppy room!
* It's amazing how much puppy food gets into the water dish, even when they're on opposite sides of the puppy room
* The puppies are working early on "tug", they think it's fun to take all the fleece toys and blankets into the litter box..I had to put 2 bricks on the blanket so it would stay in place!
* cardboard boxes make great toys!!
* Used soda bottles also make great toys!!
* Clipping black nails are much more difficult than yellow
* I really can't believe that in 2 weeks they'll be gone to their puppy raisers, it has gone by so fast..I'll miss them!

1 comment:

Madison and Andros said...

Nice thoughts! Yellow toe nails are defiantly easier!