Wednesday, March 4, 2009

12 days left..

Milano sleeping with Chandra
Milano hanging out with Chandra
Malin relaxing
Macy III practing "up"
Makia II & Milano


Madison and Andros said...

They are all so cute! I'll miss seeing their pictures!

Lauren said...

The pups are adorable and Nuri is wishing them all well!

Glad to know where Nuri gets her spazz episodes from! I would love to see a video of Chandra doing the same thing. I get a kick out of watching her, and every finds her amusing!

LA03 said...

I'm really going to try and find one..I talked with Akeelah's (Kittredge x Chandra) PR today and she reminded me that Akeelah did the same thing. That's so funny that Nuri got it from her grandma!