Friday, March 27, 2009


I would like to wish Chandra a very Happy 5th Birthday!!!! Since I will be out of the country for her real birthday I am posting this for her now.

OMSI and GDB Natalie II had 9 puppies 5 years ago on March 30th.

Happy Birthday to all!!!

Pascal: Guide Dog
Perry: Guide Dog
Paprika: Guide Dog
Parnell: Guide Dog
Parma (aka Chandra): CCI Breeder
Painter: COC
Pandora: COC
Picadilly: COC
Placido: COC

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darynviolet said...

My name is Daryn Violet, and I just stumbled across your blog for Chandra! I am currently raising Maura, from Chandra's last M litter! We are in Columbus, Ohio, and she is my 4th puppy. I am a student at The Ohio State University and she LOVES going with me to class! I have a few questions about her litter, as Maura had a few major health problems as a young puppy. Although she is much better now (actually she is probably the best dog I have ever had!) I was just curious if any other puppies in her litter had similar problems. You can email me at

I SO look forward to hearing from you!

Daryn Violet