Thursday, April 9, 2015

Newport Beach

On our way home from Palm Springs we did a little detour to Newport Beach to meet up with Lariat and her puppy raiser Angela. It was so nice to meet up with them! Lariat is also turning in on May 15th, but to the SW campus and she is a Great-Great Grand Puppy to Shawn and Battier's cousin. 

Waiting for Lariat to arrive! 

Shawn, Battier and Lariat 

Someone has a cookie :) 

We walked to a little sandbar and let the dogs play away from other pet dogs. They loved it! Battier was on a 50ft long line and Lariat was on a 25 ft.

Mirror image! 

Lariat putting on the brakes! 

The dogs had such a great time at the beach! It was nice and cool before the storm. 

This photo was Angela's idea and we both love it! I stayed on the sandbar and she took the dogs over to the regular land part. It turned out well! 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Battier and Shawn! 
We had a relaxing day in Rancho Mirage. It's in the upper 80's here, cooler than a few days ago when it was close to 100*! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

11th Birthday!

Happy 11th Birthday Shawn!! We celebrated with puppy friends on the tennis court! Great day for everyone and we collected toys for the dogs in Advanced Training! 

Shawn and her puppy Omeeka (Retired Breeder) 

Omeeka (Blaze III x Chandra) 9 years old

Omeeka, Isaacson, Idina, Shawn and Cheyenne. 

Cara, Luna, Omeeka, Isaacson, Idina, Shawn, Cheyenne, Dani, Battier, Beamer and Summer. 

Cindy had treats..

Waiting for homemade frosty paws! 

Shawn and Omeeka 

The toys we asked guest to bring for the dogs in Advanced Training! We will be delivering them in May, just in time for Battier to use them when she goes to college! 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Family Tree

Here's a list of Shawn's puppies, grand-puppies and great-grand puppy breeders! I did an unofficial count today and she has 140 puppies directly related to her that have graduated so far! Pretty amazing!!

OMSI III (Blaze III x Chandra) - GR

Omeeka (Blaze III x Chandra ) - GR

Rhianna (Terrell x Chandra) - LGX

Akeelah (Kittredge x Chandra) - GR 

McKenzie IV (Randy IV x Chandra) – GR

Tosca II (Kaelen x AKEELAH)– GR

Kanga (Camden II x RHIANNA) – LGX

Fifi (OMSI III x Dara II) – GR

Finesse II (OMSI III x Dara II) – GR

Dottie III (Camden II x MCKENZIE IV) - LGX

Olina (Zorba x OMEEKA) - GR

Oz III (Zorba x OMEEKA) - GR

Penelope IV (Camden II x OMEEKA) – LGX

Edna (OMSI III x Pearla) – LGX

Namiko (OMSI III x Brynna) – GR

Brady III (OMSI III x Ona) – GR

Jubilee (BRADY III x Keara) – GR

Jimbo (BRADY III x Keara) – GR

Hula (BRADY III x Celine II ) – LGX

Reese III (OZ II x Tulip III) – Black fluffy LGX

Sessie (Camden II x Finesse II) – LGX

Luray (Camden II x TOSCA II) – LGX


Cornet (Camden II x OLINA) – LGX

Tanya (Zorba x FIFI) – GR 

Gucci (Lincecum x MCKENZIE IV) - LGX 

Small world surprise! We found Shawn's brother!!

Check out this amazing story! Junebug the Guide Dog followed Battier on Instagram, we followed back. A few days later this picture was posted and it said she had a play day with Guide Dog Perry. I instantly recognized the Golden Retriever and I knew Shawn had a brother named Perry! Come to find out that this IS Shawn's brother! He is still a Guide Dog and lives in Kentucky. Such a small world! I haven't ever heard from his puppy raisers or grad until this week with the help of social media! Shawn was the only puppy from her litter that came to Canine Companions, all the others stayed at Guide Dogs. The litter has a Guide Dog mom and Canine Companions dad. They were a successful Golden litter with 5 of the 9 puppies graduating.  It's awesome that I have now connected with Perry's puppy raiser and graduate! It's so nice to hear from their siblings and I'm shocked at how much they look alike! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Thank You from CCI

Shawn had her birthday party last month and we collected toys for dogs in Advanced Training in NW! Today we received a nice thank you card from CCI for the toys! 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday!!

Yesterday was Shawn's 10th Birthday and she celebrated with some of her puppies, great grand pups and CCI dog friends! It was a great day! The dogs played on the tennis court and ran around they yard for 2 hours and from what I hear all are pretty tired still today!
The Birthday party group! Connie, Cascade, Cara (Retired breeder Caro), Ina (Retired breeder), Peggy, Felice (SD), Spunky, Shawn (Retired breeder Chandra), Omeeka (Retired breeder), McKenzie IV Retired breeder), Battier and Kaelen (CCI Breeder).

Shawn with her puppy and also CCI retired breeder Omeeka from Shawn's first litter with Blaze III.

Omeeka and Shawn getting love! 

Shawn and Omeeka. 

McKenzie IV, Shawn and Omeeka. 

Shawn with Retried Breeder puppy McKenzie IV from her 4th litter with Randy IV. 

Great Grand-puppy Spencer! He's from Olina's litter and Olina is an Omeeka puppy. 

Frosty Paws for the party! 

Connie, Felice, Shawn, Prima, Spunky, Battier and McKenzie waiting for the "Okay". 

Shawn enjoying her Frosty Paw! 

Battier and McKenzie! 

Kaelen, Connie and Battier. 

Prima, Connie, Kaelen and Battier. 

McKenzie and Shawn taking a break from play time. 

Toys that guest brought to donate to CCI. We plan on sending the approved toys to the dogs in Advanced Training and the others to the new Gold Rush Champion Prison Program that is coming soon!