Monday, March 16, 2009


We left Sacramento at 11 am for CCI in Santa Rosa. Before I played with the puppies for about 2 hours on the tennis court. They loved it!! I also loved the car ride down ;) They did not make a sound, I think the crate training helped, but getting them tired made the most difference. We arrived at CCI at 1 pm. The kennel staff came out to help load the puppies from their crates to the car. Then it was off to the puppy park for some more fun! Everyone was commenting on how calm this litter was, I agree with them, they were a very calm litter. The puppies played on the Clifford slide and the pool (without water), they had a lot of fun, we played with them for about an hour. Once they were even more tired I helped load them into their carrier that would take them back to their kennels. I gave them each a big hug and told them how much I love them and for them to be good for their puppy raisers. I was given a sheet with regions that the puppies are going to..

Milano (NW)- Sacramento
Makia II (NW)- Seattle
Malin (SW)- Denver
Macy III (SW)- Salt Lake
Maura (NC) -?
Mica (NC) - Minnesota

I'm just looking for Malin and Maura now, hopefully someone can pass a long my information.

I had a midterm tonight when I got home and I have one tomorrow along with 2 papers due this week. I sure do miss having the puppies home and I can't wait until tomorrow night when I get Milano back!!!


Melanie Dutcher said...

Macy III arrived happy and healthy in Salt Lake City. Another pr, Debbie Tompson, cuddled with her on the ride from the airport. Macy downed her half cup of food at home right away and played with 7 month old CCI puppy, Baio. After the play, Macy settled down in her crate nicely and took a nap. Now, they are both at my feet. Baio is delirious with joy! This is Melanie Dutcher writing. Macy will be with us for a few days until Laura, her pr, gets back in town. Macy is a great pup
for a new puppy raiser. I will try to get some photos posted to wasatchchampions. today.

LA03 said...

Hi Melanie,

Thanks so much for the update!! It's great to hear from you. Glad to hear that Macy arrived safely. You can e-mail me at