Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today was Snow Day!! It was a great day in Truckee at the home of a CCI PR/BC/. The weather was perfect and the dogs had a lot of fun! Pictures from the day are being loaded to the GRC website. Chandra had a great time and I was very impressed with her recall, I knew it was pretty good, but if I was able to get her attention (there were about 50 people and 40 dogs at snow day) and she could see me I could get her to come back very fast. It was great seeing everyone, Chandra had a great time with her puppy Omeeka who is also a breeder for CCI. Omeeka is such a cute girl and so tiny!

Handsome Caspin

Chandra taking a break on the deck

Last night before snow day Wallis and SD Caspin came over and we went to puppy class. The class was held in Old Sac and the puppies did very well. After class Caspin did the best "pull" ever :) Then we were all tired and went home and baked cupcakes for snow day, they turned out really well. There were a few CCI cupcakes, a lot of Snoopy's, dogs, 1 white dog and some dog bones and toys..I can't believe we didn't get a picture of the cupcakes! Next time for sure.

It was a great day! Chandra is already asleep and I'm going to bed!

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Madison and Andros said...

Looks like fun! Omeeka is TINY!