Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday!!!

Happy 7th birthday to Shawn!!! She has been enjoying the great weather that we've been having. She has been going with me to CSD's softball games and we've been enjoying walks in the sun :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chandra's legacy...

I've been thinking about how much of an impact Shawn has had on CCI. Over her breeding career she had 36 puppies. 5 puppies were chosen as breeders. 1 is a Skilled Companion (Oasis II). 1 is a Successor Service Dog (Maura) and 3 are Facility Dogs (Omari II, Ayla & Macy III) with one still in AT and hopefully graduating in May (Milano).

Here are a list of breeders that are related to Shawn:

OMSI III (x Blaze III)
Omeeka (x Blaze III)
Rhianna (x Terrell)
Akeelah (x Kittredge)
McKenzie IV (x Randy IV)

Brady III (OMSI III x Ona) -GR
Edna (OMSI III x Perla) - LGX
Evers III (OMSI III x Perla) - LGX
Fifi (OMSI III x Dara II) - GR
Finesse II (OMSI III x Dara II) - GR
Namiko (OMSI III x Brynna) - GR
Olina (Zorba x Omeeka) - GR
Oz (Zorba x Omeeka) - GR

Rainy day pictures

The rain has been intense in Sacramento. With a break in the weather Shawn and I went outside to take some pictures. Her 7th birthday is coming up and she is doing great!