Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All in the Family...

Chandra is enjoying her retirement, but she has a lot of puppies and grand-puppies working for Canine Companions for Independence!

Here's a list of her puppies and grand-puppies that are breeders for CCI and making it possible for the next generations of service dogs. 


OMSI III (x Blaze III) - GR
Omeeka (x Blaze III) GR - Retired
Rhianna (x Terrell) - LGX (Fluffy)
Akeelah (x Kittredge) - GR
McKenzie IV (x Randy IV) - GR 


Brady III (OMSI III x Ona) -GR
Edna (OMSI III x Perla) - LGX
Fifi (OMSI III x Dara II) - GR
Finesse II (OMSI III x Dara II) - GR
Namiko (OMSI III x Brynna) - GR
Olina (Zorba x Omeeka) - GR
Oz (Zorba x Omeeka) - GR
Tosca II (Kaelen x Akeelah) - GR
Penelope IV (Camden II x Omeeka) -LGX
Kanga - (Camden II x Rhianna) - LGX 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It has been awhile since I have updated the blog! It's a beautiful day in Sacramento and I took advantage by getting some great photos.