Friday, March 13, 2009

Tennis court fun

This is the last weekend with the M' will be sad to see them go, but they're ready for the next adventure that waits them and I know their puppy raisers must be so excited to get their new little puppy!! Today we played on the tennis court and in the yard, the puppies had a great time! You can see in the video how big they are. All of the puppies are over 10 lbs (that's how high our scale goes), I'm guessing they're about 12 lbs.

Enjoy the video!!

We have found where 4 of the puppies are going!!!!
Milano (Sacramento with me)
Makia II (Seattle)
Macy III (Utah)
Mica (Minnesota)

1 comment:

Madison and Andros said...

They are so cute and look like they are having fun!

I always LOVED Mica and he is being shipped to a North Central funny!