Saturday, February 21, 2009

NW Graduation

I just got home from a great day at CCI! It was such a nice graduation, 5 of the 11 pups that graduated were from the GRC!! Chandra was also represented well, her puppy Rhianna from Terrell's litter was in the program as being presented as a breeder. Rhianna was not there, Esther the breeding manger said that a few of the girls were in the kennels for breeding, so it sounds like there will be more Chandra grand-puppies soon!

Chandra and Kittredge's NW A puppies turned in. It was so nice meeting Asjha and her puppy raisers, Ayrton was able to visit for awhile before pictures. Ayrton was raised in a Prison in Montana, he is a big handsome boy!! It was so nice seeing all them again. Of course Akeelah was also there, Mary and Matt did a wonderful job with her. It was so much fun watching her grow up!!

Here is a picture of Akeelah and a brick that my friend Ticha bought from proceeds of a basketball camp that she had with money going to CCI. It was the first time I had seen the brick and it was a nice surprise!!

Here are some pictures of AYRTON:

We took some family group pictures, it was definitely interesting getting them all to sit:

The graduation itself was great!! I came home and gave Chandra a big hug and played with the's amazing to think that in 2 years these little puppies could be sitting on stage next to their graduate!

and of time in CCI's big park!!

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