Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New enviornment

The puppies have moved to their play area in the garage. The floor is non-absorbent flooring for garages and they have their blankets, toys, crate (without a door) and their litter box area. Today I went out to check on them and saw Chandra in the little puppy crate with the puppies cuddled up inside with her, it wasn't because it was cold because I have two heaters set up in the puppy room so they're nice and warm. I think they just liked being close and Chandra hasn't had a crate to sleep in and she's really excited to be able to sleep in one again.
The picture isn't really clear because it is from my phone, but tomorrow I'll get some better pictures.
Tomorrow I'll also take the puppies 3 week pictures. They growing up so fast and they're doing very well!! Such a nice litter!

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