Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Next training adventure

Chandra relaxing next to the crate!
Milano and Maura

I have started crate training the puppies! This is definitely a new step for them. They already sleep in a crate in the puppy room, but the door is removed on that crate. Now, they are in a similar crate, but the door is closed. Hopefully the crate training will not be too stressful and they will get used to it fast so by the time they get to their puppy raisers they are already quiet in their crates, that is my hope! So for the puppy raisers out there, I'm really trying! :)

Here's a video of the babies playing outside today! The rain finally stopped, at least for today..so they had some play time outside. If you hear the sounds at the end of the video it is the CD that CCI gives to Breeder Caretakers (BC), there are babies crying, trains, people talking, alarms, phones, etc. The CD is supposed to try and get them used to hearing other sounds before they leave our house.

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