Monday, May 26, 2008


Chandra and her puppies have moved over to Peggy's house for the remainder of their time in Sacramento (the puppies turn in to CCI on July 9th). This is a huge help for me since my summers are really busy! I'll still be updating the blog and pictures. Last week I submitted names to CCI, so when I get them back I'll post them (the names won't be official until they turn into CCI, but things rarely change after the names are assigned).

OMSI has been enjoying his time with me :) We went on a 3 mile run yesterday, he's still learning how to run with me on my rollerblades, but he's getting it and he really seems to like it! Today we watched my sister play tennis in the backyard and he had a great time playing fetch with me and making his own agility course with our stairs/planter box, I wish I had it on video, but I'm sure he'll do it again. My dad told me a funny story about OMSI last night. While I was at a friends house OMSI was home with my dad and in our media room he said OMSI found 3 toys that had been buried in the couch, 1 was even over the backside of the couch, but OMSI was on a mission to find all of them!! He's been a great boy, soon as the weather in Sacramento gets a little better I'm going to take him swimming :) Maybe even tomorrow!

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