Tuesday, May 13, 2008

OMSI is home & Chandra update

OMSI came home today from CCI, he was down at Santa Rosa having his dates with Brynna! Looks like they're puppies will be adorable and smart of course! OMSI was so excited to see me when I picked him up, he was in a kennel and as soon as he saw me his ears perked up and he did his happy sing :) I gave him my keys to carry around, he loved that!! He was really happy to see his orange bumper too, his puppy raiser did a great job giving him a toy he most likely wouldn't see if he worked as a service dog, now he can have it whenever he wants. He's been perfect again around Chandra, which is very nice!! Tomorrow we're going to go for a long run since he's been at CCI for a week, I'm sure he could use the exercise and play time.
I'm attaching some pictures of OMSI and Chandra to show you how big she's getting, her x-ray is tomorrow night at 6:15 pm, so we'll know how many puppies she is having then!! I can't believe the puppies will be here on Saturday!

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Erin & Midnight said...

Hi my name is Erin and I'm a puppy walker for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind! If he's the same one, I "knew" OMSI, via blogs when he was a puppy, so I was really shocked to see him here!!
He's been busy i can see! LOL