Thursday, May 29, 2008

OMSI's name

You might be wondering why OMSI's name is alway capitalized, there is a reason :) OMSI's name stands for the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry. OMSI is actually OMSI III and when about 15 years ago now the museum sponsored a puppy and that puppy was a golden retriever who CCI named OMSI. OMSI was chosen as a breeder and was CCI's top Golden Retriever breeder and was retired after his litter with Guide Dog Natalie, this was Chandra's litter so Chandra was OMSI's very last CCI puppy!! When Chandra had the "O" litter on July 15, 2006 I knew we had to submit the name OMSI after the first OMSI and Chandra's dad. CCI named OMSI III and we were so happy :) OMSI's puppy raiser took OMSI to the museum and took this very cool picture of OMSI with his namesake building.

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BaristaWannaBe said...

Love the picture!! How cool!