Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bath Time!

Today OMSI and Chandra went with me to puppy class from 9:30-12:30! Puppy class was held at my dad's office, Amador Stage Lines a bus company in Sacramento. We had the puppies ride with their puppy raisers on the wheel chair lift, they walked around the bus shop, the office out in the yard...this is why they needed a bath! So when we got home the dogs both got baths and then played on the tennis court for awhile to dry off, they thought it was great! Chandra is still getting bigger everyday! She's due 2 weeks from today, we should find out sometime around the 10th exactly how many puppies she is having :)
Yesterday was Greek Week at Sac State and Lisa and Sigma Kappa won! Here's a picture of OMSI hanging out on the field.

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