Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Update

On Saturday we went to a memorial for a friend, CCI puppy raiser and Breeder Caretaker Dave Johnson. It was a beautiful service and day for Dave. There were over 100 dogs in attendance and probably more than 300 people. Everyone dressed in Hawaiian shirts or bright colors and the dogs received some great Hawaiian bandanas and ribbons made by a puppy raiser across the country.

Battier and Kemp! Both Tosca II puppies. 

Battier, Shawn and Jane. 

Spunky, Shawn and Battier. 

Battier getting some love! 

This is just a partial group picture of the dogs that were in attendance. 

Making a wish at the fountain. 

Battier's cape with the ribbon made by a CCI puppy raiser. This photo has been used on Facebook as peoples profile pictures in memory of Dave. 

Sunday was a beautiful day! We went to the Capitol and played a card game on the lawn. There was a live band on the steps of the Capitol and many people around. This was a great training opportunity for Battier. 

Cards Against Humanity on the lawn. 

Battier likes to lay on top of Shawn when we're in the car. Silly puppy! 

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