Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday!!

Yesterday was Shawn's 10th Birthday and she celebrated with some of her puppies, great grand pups and CCI dog friends! It was a great day! The dogs played on the tennis court and ran around they yard for 2 hours and from what I hear all are pretty tired still today!
The Birthday party group! Connie, Cascade, Cara (Retired breeder Caro), Ina (Retired breeder), Peggy, Felice (SD), Spunky, Shawn (Retired breeder Chandra), Omeeka (Retired breeder), McKenzie IV Retired breeder), Battier and Kaelen (CCI Breeder).

Shawn with her puppy and also CCI retired breeder Omeeka from Shawn's first litter with Blaze III.

Omeeka and Shawn getting love! 

Shawn and Omeeka. 

McKenzie IV, Shawn and Omeeka. 

Shawn with Retried Breeder puppy McKenzie IV from her 4th litter with Randy IV. 

Great Grand-puppy Spencer! He's from Olina's litter and Olina is an Omeeka puppy. 

Frosty Paws for the party! 

Connie, Felice, Shawn, Prima, Spunky, Battier and McKenzie waiting for the "Okay". 

Shawn enjoying her Frosty Paw! 

Battier and McKenzie! 

Kaelen, Connie and Battier. 

Prima, Connie, Kaelen and Battier. 

McKenzie and Shawn taking a break from play time. 

Toys that guest brought to donate to CCI. We plan on sending the approved toys to the dogs in Advanced Training and the others to the new Gold Rush Champion Prison Program that is coming soon! 

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