Thursday, April 2, 2015

11th Birthday!

Happy 11th Birthday Shawn!! We celebrated with puppy friends on the tennis court! Great day for everyone and we collected toys for the dogs in Advanced Training! 

Shawn and her puppy Omeeka (Retired Breeder) 

Omeeka (Blaze III x Chandra) 9 years old

Omeeka, Isaacson, Idina, Shawn and Cheyenne. 

Cara, Luna, Omeeka, Isaacson, Idina, Shawn, Cheyenne, Dani, Battier, Beamer and Summer. 

Cindy had treats..

Waiting for homemade frosty paws! 

Shawn and Omeeka 

The toys we asked guest to bring for the dogs in Advanced Training! We will be delivering them in May, just in time for Battier to use them when she goes to college! 

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