Sunday, January 25, 2015

Small world surprise! We found Shawn's brother!!

Check out this amazing story! Junebug the Guide Dog followed Battier on Instagram, we followed back. A few days later this picture was posted and it said she had a play day with Guide Dog Perry. I instantly recognized the Golden Retriever and I knew Shawn had a brother named Perry! Come to find out that this IS Shawn's brother! He is still a Guide Dog and lives in Kentucky. Such a small world! I haven't ever heard from his puppy raisers or grad until this week with the help of social media! Shawn was the only puppy from her litter that came to Canine Companions, all the others stayed at Guide Dogs. The litter has a Guide Dog mom and Canine Companions dad. They were a successful Golden litter with 5 of the 9 puppies graduating.  It's awesome that I have now connected with Perry's puppy raiser and graduate! It's so nice to hear from their siblings and I'm shocked at how much they look alike! 

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