Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A week of Demos

This week is going to be filled with demo's!

Here's where we'll be:
Tomorrow- Sac City College Disability Awarness Day
Saturday- UC Davis Picnic Day
Monday- Sac State class demo

I'll be sure to take pictures and update the blog!

Well, so much for the pictures. We got one from the demo today, but I promise I will take more at Picnic Day!

Chandra was great today, too bad we could only stay for a few hours. I had a class that I have to go to, I need to get all the points I can for it!!

CCI had a great showing of puppies, grads and Chandra the breeder! There was a speech on stage that went well and Chandra got to show off some of her commands. She showed off "get", "under", "visit", "lap", "shake", "leash" and "back". SD Caspin also showed off some of his commands. The crowd loved it!
A lot of people learned about CCI today, hopefully a few will get service dogs, there might even be a few new puppy raisers.

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