Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OMSI III update

"B" Litter

Here's an update on OMSI III's litters-

OMSI's 5th litter-"B" with Ona (Hardin II x Pala)
Ona is a Golden Retriever and this is her 1st litter. Ona whelped 9 puppies on February 20th, 2009, two boys and seven girls.
Boys: Brady III and Brock.
Girls: Bodega II, Bonita II, Bijou II, Benicia II, Brianna II, Babs II, and Blanche II.

OMSI's 6th litter- "L" with Halor (Kittredge x Martine)
Halor is a Golden Retriever and this is her 4th litter. Halor whelped 9 puppies on March 30, 2009 (Chandra's birthday!)There are 6 females and 3 males.

Litters due soon:

Dara (Sequoia x Halor)- Due April 28th- 1st litter
Zoelle (Hardin II x Brynna)- Due begining of June - 1st litter

* Interesting fact, Hardin and Halor are siblings and their puppies were bred to OMSI.

OMSI will have 8 litters in total after this with 5 of them being Goldens and 3 LGX.

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Madison and Andros said...

He seems to be having some great pups for CCI.