Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The "M" puppies are on their way..

We made it to CCI in a little under 2 hours, the puppies thought it would be nice to sing to me for the entire trip!! Other than the screaming everything went well, there were no accidents in the crates and the kennel staff at CCI was very happy to see them. There's nothing cuter than Golden puppies :) The puppies played in the CCI puppy park for about 30 minutes before going into their kennels, they will have their vet checks, tattoo's and then be on their way to their puppy raisers starting tomorrow. CCI was very nice and they were able to do McKenzie's vet check and tattoo so I could bring her home to her puppy raiser tonight instead of them making the trip tomorrow. Here are the regions for the puppies: Malika-SE McKenzie IV-NW Maverick- SE Michael II-SW (I asked about his name since he is named after a donor, Michael was named after another CCI SD. The lady that named him raised a lot of money in the Human Race that was held in Santa Rosa and this is a name that she requested for a puppy). Monarch II-NW Mari-SW Meeka-NC Pictures are posted at Good luck M puppies!! Can't wait to hear updates from you, be good for your puppy raisers!

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