Monday, July 28, 2008

Chandra's puppy updates..

Two puppies from Chandra's "O" litter with Blaze III are rotating into Team Training next month!! How exciting :) The pups are Omari II (SW)& Oasis II (NE). We're wishing them, their puppy raisers and future graduates the best of luck!!

Puppies from the "R" litter should be turning in starting next month, depending on the region the pups will either turn in to CCI in August or November.

The "A" puppies seem to be growing fast and hopefully are learning well and being good for their puppy raisers :)

The "M's" have been with their puppy raisers for about 3 weeks now and hopefully they're doing well!!

In other news OMSI's first litter with Brynna was born on July 11th. This is a golden retriever litter, there are 4 girls and 3 boys and this is the "N" litter.

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