Tuesday, April 22, 2008

OMSI day 2..

OMSI has been a very good boy! When I got home from school I took OMSI and Chandra on a walk around the park and they were bost on their best behavior, they look so much a like, it's amazing!! Now both dogs are tired and laying on my bed, oh the life of a CCI breeder!!


CCI pup said...

You are so lucky to have the prettiest goldens, I have seen.

I would love to have a golden puppy, but its seems like the goldens are kept in the west. Maybe the east get a couple but not alot.
By the way this is Emily, I raised Mckenna half brother Solly.
If Iam correct this is Laura A. who raised Mckenna


Yep, this is me! :) 2 of Chandra's puppies went to the East coast from the O litter. So maybe there's hope.


Anonymous said...

Hey Laura!!

I'll put on a link to your blog sometime in the near future. Life is busy, Onalee and I are moving to West Sac! So!!!! Life is a whirlwind, but we'll be down there soon.

We'll have to get OMSI, Chandra and Onalee together sometime, OMSI and Onalee haven't seen eachother since his turn in ;)

When is his "date"?? And with whom??

I'm not sure if I'll get around to raising one of his pups, if Hilani continues to have pups one year apart - I'll be busy with her for the next 5 years--- hahhhhha!

You need to bring Mr. O to some class sometime, he's gorgeous, I want to see him again !