Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shawn's Pedigree

It's always fun talking about the dogs and their pedigree's. Click the link to see Shawn's pedigree. I will be updating the page with information about Shawn's CCI breeder puppies and grandpuppies!


OMSI III (x Blaze III)

Omeeka (x Blaze III)

Rhianna (x Terrell)

Akeelah (x Kittredge)

McKenzie IV (x Randy IV)


Brady III (OMSI III x Ona) -GR

Edna (OMSI III x Perla) - LGX

Fifi (OMSI III x Dara II) - GR

Finesse II (OMSI III x Dara II) - GR

Namiko (OMSI III x Brynna) - GR

Olina (Zorba x Omeeka) - GR

Oz (Zorba x Omeeka) - GR

Tosca II (Kaelen x Akeelah) - GR

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