Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chandra's legacy...

I've been thinking about how much of an impact Shawn has had on CCI. Over her breeding career she had 36 puppies. 5 puppies were chosen as breeders. 1 is a Skilled Companion (Oasis II). 1 is a Successor Service Dog (Maura) and 3 are Facility Dogs (Omari II, Ayla & Macy III) with one still in AT and hopefully graduating in May (Milano).

Here are a list of breeders that are related to Shawn:

OMSI III (x Blaze III)
Omeeka (x Blaze III)
Rhianna (x Terrell)
Akeelah (x Kittredge)
McKenzie IV (x Randy IV)

Brady III (OMSI III x Ona) -GR
Edna (OMSI III x Perla) - LGX
Evers III (OMSI III x Perla) - LGX
Fifi (OMSI III x Dara II) - GR
Finesse II (OMSI III x Dara II) - GR
Namiko (OMSI III x Brynna) - GR
Olina (Zorba x Omeeka) - GR
Oz (Zorba x Omeeka) - GR

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