Thursday, August 19, 2010

Graduation update

Last week was a great week for Shawn's puppies and grand-puppies. Her last litter for CCI turned in, Milano and Makia II are back at NW. Macy III is in SW and Maura and Mica are in their 2nd semester in NC.

OMSI III had puppies turn in and 2 graduates!!!

Navarro (x Brynna) and Yaston (x Ember III) both graduated as a Skilled Companions! Congrats to everyone involved!

Here's a list of OMSI's puppies who turned in for advanced training:

Brady, Bonita, Bodega and Brock

Ona's pups:

Bodega, Bonita, Brady, and Brock (SW)
Bijou (NE)
Brianna (SE)

Halor's pups:
Laurie & Locke (NW)
Lovey (SW)
Lillith & Louie (NC)
Lupe & Leah (SE)
Loralee (NE)

Dara's pup:
Flannery (NW)

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