Friday, January 29, 2010

Shawn's fun filled day

Today started out with a trip to the park with Shawn's friend Taylor, a
very energetic Jack Russell. They played (well Taylor chased a ball
while Shawn sniffed things at the park and then decided to play a few
chase games). Shawn loved rolling around in the grass and getting all
the "good" smells on her..little did she know she would be getting a
bath when we got home! I thought it would be more fun for her to go
swimming and get her bath than to just have a bath, so if was off to the
pool for Shawn. She hasn't been swimming in months, but it's a little
warmer here today and not raining so I thought she would like it. I was
right, she was so excited to get to go swimming and she's clean :)

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