Sunday, January 11, 2009

Getting the puppy room ready

I just got home from Grand Cayman and it's a little shocking in this cold weather! Chandra has been with Peggy for a week and she'll stay with her when she whelps her puppies and for the first week since I'll be in Orlando. I should be in Sacramento for her whelp, so that will be exciting! She's due on the 18th and she's always been on time. Today I'm getting the puppy room ready, it's actually going to be in my room this time since we added marble floors to my room it makes it easier with the puppies. Today I'm cleaning it all, which was needed ;) Then I'm going to get some scrap linoleum to protect the floor. We'll be moving in Chandra's box, even though she's not having her puppies here, it's a nice sized box and the puppies can stay in it until they are a little over 3 weeks old. Chandra's x-ray is on the 14th and we'll be able to see how many puppies she is having then. Yay for puppies!!


Madison and Andros said...

Can't wait to see more cute little Golden pups!

LA03 said...

They won't be golden's this time, but they'll be cute ;) The dad is Lawrence, a black lab