Monday, December 1, 2008

Breeder boy OMSI III update

OMSI has been a busy boy, he has sired 4 litters with more on the way. So far OMSI has:

"N" x Brynna- 7 puppies - GLD
"Y" x Ember III - 7 puppies - LGX
"E" x Pearla - 11 puppies - LGX
"D" x Sashi - 9 puppies- LGX

For pictures of OMSI and puppies click here!

Ember & "Y" litter


K.C. and Her Puppies said...

I need to find out if Genevieve is one of "his" puppies. I think she looks to much like Paolo though. She's not at all fuzzy, but she could just be her mother's daughter.

LA03 said...

Let me know when you find out :)

Madison and Andros said...

Two puppy raisers in MI have "G" Pups! Gilly and Graham! They are both adorable and little!!!

K.C. and Her Puppies said...

So I talked to Lorna (O'Connor) at CCI. The DNA tests came back and as it turns out ALL of the 'G' litter belongs to Paolo, 7 pups. Oh well...

LA03 said...

Ok, thanks for the update!